Overshadow Impotence with Viagra

A lot of men suffering from impotency at this time might be surprised to know that mathematically nearly 30 million men have problems with potency! If that’s some commonality that you share you could only want to read on a little farther to know the cure! Impotency is no disease! It’s just a sexual disorder in men which could be treated completely with a little acknowledgement and open mindedness to approach the right kind of physician.

Let us find out first how an erection occurs in men

The male body gets an erection whenever there is a few sexual stimulation. The penis is a vascular organ which gets erected when the brain sends a message of sexual arousal through the various nerve cells to the manhood. The blood flow automatically increases 16-fold and veins which carry the blood flow from the penis are obstructed. Whenever there’s breakdown somewhere within this system men confront erectile dysfunction or known in short as ED cialis.

How do Viagra help in overshadowing impotency?

The first myth that needs to break down is that Viagra is not a cure for impotency; it merely addresses the erection problem in men and aids in achieving an erection during sex. Sounds confusing? Well, what is meant is that impotency may be due to many physiological and psychological problems in men that may be treated only with the help of expert doctors which no Viagra cab solve. However, Viagra is a mere remedy to this reaction system in guys helping them to get’turned on naturally’ during sexual stimulation.

Sildenafil citrate- that the prime ingredient of Viagra

Sildednafil citrate the active ingredient of Viagra was initially found to treat hypertension as this helps to reduce the pressure. However, it failed to treat BP and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (medication manufacturer of Viagra) found out in 1993 that this ingredient did assist men, with varying levels of impotence, in getting aroused during intercourse. Thus Viagra was discovered after testing more than 3000 men with almost 70% success rate on using the miracle drug.

Consult a doctor before taking Viagra

Viagra should not be popped as a love pill at random without consulting with a doctor. This may be fatal to the body if a person takes nitrate or nitroglycerine drugs as it will cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. This drug is not meant for women and kids. And it is absolutely crucial to let your physician know your entire medical history if you plan to take this drug.


Receive a doctor’s help if you confront issues with erection for more than 25% of the time. Get decent lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking, drugs, alcohol etc, getting lots exercise and eat balanced nourishment and cut back on saturated fats to prevent ED. Know the fact that with more and more innovation in medical science there would be better and more better remedies available in the marketplace but all you have to first decide is to get in contact with the ideal physician as soon as possible should you encounter impotency.

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