Patriots/Jets AFC East Showdown


Are the clouds rolling up to the New England Patriots? Despite a victory, if a week’s operation is any indication, the Pats time in sunlight is done. Tom Brady threw for just 163 yards on 11 of 23 departure as the offense looked far out of sync. Fortunately for the Pats, the duo of rookie Lawrence Maroney and veteran Corey Dillon picked up the slack rushing for 183 yards.

Chad Pennington and the Jets on the other hand looked amazing as they got out to an easy 16-0 guide before being forced to score late to conquer the Tennessee Titans.

New England has history on its side winning six consecutive รับพนันบอล meetings with the Jets and five in a row in Giants Stadium. If the Jets will end their losing streak they’ll have to gather a much better ground game.

Whether this game eventually ends up close down the stretch, then the Jets will need to be nervous since kicker Mike Nugent missed two processor shot field targets and an additional point every week.

That which we can expect this week will be a better outing by Tom Brady, however, I also think Pennington will replicate with the other good operation. New England seems to have the advantage on earth, however, the Jets will more than likely win the conflict through the air.

It’s apparent that Mangini gets got the Jets defense whipped in to a much tougher unit. Both Belichick and Mangini should benefit from knowing each other’s trends.

History may be about New England’s side, but New York’s offense definitely looked better per week. The defense that performs better will likely be the deciding factor in this one.

I couldn’t be more confident in my winning side within this AFC East opener and that’s why I am making this match up my AFC East Game of town. I have seen every component in this match up and I’ve uncovered the simplest winner you will discover Sunday. Make sure you’re playing who I am enjoying in Sunday’s AFC East Game of town.

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